Gallery 101 projects and events

We are a virtual gallery and a consulting agency that actively organizes art events provides art consulting services and represents Ukrainian contemporary art abroad. In the future, we plan to open an art space in Lviv, Ukraine.



Taiwan Annual

Frontier of the Memories

Gallery 101 participates in the Art Exchange Program in Taiwan


Art Zagreb

Terra Ukraina

Special Ukrainian project for Art Zagreb

W4UA Summit

Support Ukrainian Culture in Times of  War

Cultural diplomacy project at World for Ukraine Summit


Today art is an essential component of personal growth, it’s crucial for those who want to constantly develop themselves and stay modern in our dynamic world. Based on this idea, we build our communication and shape our activities.

Marta Trotsoiuk. The founder 

Marta Trotsiuk is the head of the Ukraine Gallerists Association and the founder of Gallery 101, a virtual gallery and consulting agency that actively organizes art events, provides art consulting services, and represents Ukrainian contemporary art abroad. 
She is also the co-founder of the Lviv Art Walk and the Lviv Art Guide. Since February 24th, 2022, Marta’s work has pivoted from promoting Ukrainian art around the world to working on the ‘Culture Against Aggression’ initiative, a project designed to use cultural resistance as a tool during wartime.
Taiwan Annual


  • Taiwan Annual
  • Art Zagreb


  • The art program for IDPs “Lviv meets”
  • Lviv art guide
  • Podcast
  • Educational programs
  • Culture against aggression
  • Art Walk


  • Art consulting
  • Art & business collaboration
  • Art curating
  • Art auctions