Art Project “Gallery 101”





I have a dream!
I love all kinds of art, and I’d like to be a painter, an actor, a writer, I’d like to know how to play music and to sing.  But, probably even if I spend all my life on learning , there will never be enough time to learn everything anyway! When I realized this I got so disappointed and sad…
But I still had a dream, so I was thinking how I could became closer to all these kinds of art, how I could enjoy them and to be a part of them. That was the vector for my idea to create my own gallery, my own art space.
Well, it takes a lot to become a gallerist, it’s a whole new profession.. For this I have to learn a lot, and I need some experience. I know it takes time investment, therefore I already started. Due to the fact that I travel a lot, I have an opportunity to visit galleries and art museums all around the world. I try to absorb the atmosphere, see details, get in touch with gallerists and art people.



The name of the project is “Gallery 101” and its concept is to visit 100 galleries all around the world and my own gallery will be the 101st. Many people keep asking me about the location of my art space, and the answer is simple: in my native city of Lviv, Ukraine.



And here comes one more mission of my project. My city is probably the most touristic city in Ukraine. It’s really beautiful, full of UNESCO heritage and is super attractive because of its many festivals. But there are only a few galleries and almost no good opportunities for artist to show their art, to communicate with international art representatives, for people who are interested in learning about art.
When I think about my gallery I imagine an art space where expositions change every month, different performances are constantly going on, work shops and master classes are conducted frequently, where program “Artist in residence” is taking place and developing the level of knowledge and understanding of art among all people.

Art Project “Gallery 101”


So my plan is:
– Visit 100 galleries around the world
– Learn about art history and art mentoring
– Take part in various art events to get needed experience
– Volunteer in art galleries to find out how they work from the inside