“GALLERY 101” 

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Gallerist and art curator Marta Trotsiuk, decided to explore the algorithms and business models of 100 art locations all around the world. The aim is to gain all the necessary knowledge and experience and open her own art gallery in Lviv, which will be the number 101 on the list, her own Gallery 101. 


Popularization of contemporary art and development of the art market in Ukraine.

Now we are an online gallery that actively organizes art events, provides art consulting services and promotes contemporary art in Ukraine. In the future there will be an art space in Lviv, Ukraine.


Our projects:

  • Art exhibitions and art events
  • Art Walk – excursions to discover art spaces
  • Charity art auctions
  • A series of educational publications about Ukrainian artists, international art spaces, modern and contemporary art
  • Podcast
  • Marta Trotsiuk is a founder of Association of Gallerists in Lviv and initiator of Lviv Art Guide creation

Today art is an essential component of personal growth, it’s crucial for those who wants to constantly develop themselves and to stay modern in our dynamic world. Based on this idea, we build our communication and shape our activities.

Unique art content from all around the world
✓ Art consulting for artists and collectors
✓ Organization of art exhibitions
✓ Collaboration of businesses and art
✓ Podcast
✓ Lviv Art Guide
✓ Part of Gallerists Association in Lviv

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